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22. Chiropractors can potentially be useful

Many AD patients’ have a distortion of posture or a disaligned pelvis. Although these are not directly tied to AD, it can be a remote cause. A simple textbook explanation will clarify this issue.

If you pelvis is disaligned, the backbone sitting on top of that will be disfigured as well. Everybody knows that there are many nerves in the backbone. If your backbone is crooked, the root of these nerves will be under stress, which weakens their functional capabilities. The adrenal cortex produces the steroids that your body needs. However, if the nerves that control the adrenal cortex are strained, the natural steroids that you need will not be produced. This causes inflammations to prolong and AD to worsen, it a simple chain of events. In addition, the nerves coming out of the thoracic spine control the trachea and bronchial tubes. When these nerves lose their capabilities, people become susceptible to asthma attacks and lose balance of their immune system.

Therefore, as a way to treat AD, the correction of the alignment of the pelvis and backbone are very important. If you are thinking of fixing this problem, do not go to a Japanese orthopedist since they do not even care about the fundamental facts written above. You could go to your local osteopathist or chiropractic, but this can also cause some problems. It’s fine if your doctor has a Judo therapy license, but people can legally open an osteopathy clinic without a license. You could even make up some “new” manipulative treatment and open a clinic tomorrow. Also, being a chiropractor does not require a personal certification; you could end up with a terrible doctor. Furthermore, even if a doctor has a medical license, there are numerous, terrible crooks, so there are bound to be more if you are going to choose from a bunch with no license.

Some chiropractors and osteopathist associations may read this and say that it is only the contemptuous writing of an unreasonable doctor. However, when I read health magazines, I see ads for manipulative treatment videos that are only there to secure whichever doctor’s financial security after he or she retires. The difference of basic and necessary medical knowledge between learning medicine for 6 years and getting a medical license and watching a video for a few months goes without saying. Who would want an operation from a doctor who only learned from a video? You can say the same thing for chiropractors that handle the spine, an extremely important group of bones.

Furthermore, I believe that the country should not control medicine, and personal certification exams such for a medical license, pharmacy license, acupuncturist license, or Judo therapy license. Chiropractors’ (I’ve recently seen many of these doctors claim that they practice traditional Chinese medicine as well, which sounds incredibly dubious) sloppy treatment is repulsive as well. If your doctor makes a mistake, your could fall into deep trouble. These doctors know that and have at least 200 million yen in insurance in case there is a medical accident.

There are, of course, amazing doctors in this field. There are chiropractors that can fix an ear ringing that modern medicine could not with 2 to 3 twists of the neck. They can do the same with backaches, frozen shoulder syndrome, heating defects, asthma, arrhythmia, and infertility. When you see these doctors in practice, you even wonder what the purpose of modern medicine is. These people can take away a headache that lasted for 30 years by finding an imbalance that even a CT scan or MRI couldn’t find. The issue is finding the right chiropractor. In this situation, you just have to rely on your common sense. First, don’t go to newly established choropractices. A place with more experience is the safer choice; you know that they haven’t made mistakes that would force them out of business. If possible, try to look for a place that’s been passed on from generation to generation. Also, reputation is extremely important; if you keep your ears open, you will find out which chiropractors are good. Although I have seen books about the best doctors in Japan, I have never seen a book about the best chiropractors. Hopefully they will publish some soon. In developed nations, in particular, chiropractors, like acupuncturists, are gradually starting to get a higher social status. Japan is no exception, and there are an increasing number of chiropractors that get a college education. There is anticipation that, in the near future, more talented personnel are going to choose this occupation, and the technique itself will improve as well. Please just steer clear of “chiropractors” who got their “education” from a video and are just doing it to get money

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