The most powerful weapon against viral/bacterial pandemics is the strengthening of our body's immune system.

Dr. Tadahiro Makise

Fortunately, vaccination has reduced the number of cases of Covid-19 in some countries. However, with the emergence of mutant strains, there is always the danger that this reduction will be overturned at once.

In addition, the number of patients is increasing rapidly in countries where vaccine distribution is poor due to poverty and government missteps. And even if Covid-19 is over soon, the next pandemic will surely attack humans again someday. 

Many medicines and vaccines are produced and huge costs are consumed. But viruses and bacteria skillfully mutate and develop resistance, as if ridiculing human efforts. The only way to solve this problem is for humans themselves to have a strong immune system that can fight any viruses or bacteria.

Here I write 2 easy ways to strengthen our body’s immune system.
1) Sleep: Don’t stay up late. If possible, go to bed by 9 pm~10 pm. Until midnight no matter how late. The important thing is not the length of sleep, but going to bed early.
2) Supplements: Mushroom/Alpinia zerumbet/Probiotics/Lactoferrin
There are numerous supplements that are said to enhance our immune system and to have many antioxidants. Among them, I chose these four from my 40 years of experience as a general physician who practices alternative natural medicine.

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