The most powerful weapon against viral/bacterial pandemics is the strengthening of our body's immune system.

Dr. Tadahiro Makise

Drawing from the wisdom of ancient Chinese texts, there’s a recurring observation that epidemics typically diminish within a three-year span. In line with this, the viral outbreak that sprouted in Wuhan, China, and spread globally seems to be tracing a similar trajectory.

Despite the earnest development of various drugs and vaccines, often with significant resources, we’ve observed that viruses and bacteria can astutely adapt and resist. This highlights the importance of individuals strengthening their natural immune defenses.

For those looking to enhance their immunity, here are a couple of key strategies:

1) Sleep: Commit to an earlier bedtime. Endeavor to settle down for the night between 9 pm and 10 pm, or earlier if possible. The focus should be more on the timing of your sleep rather than its duration.

2) Supplements: Delve into the potential benefits of Mushrooms, Alpinia zerumbet (Shell Ginger), Probiotics, and Lactoferrin. While a plethora of supplements claim to amplify immunity and antioxidant benefits, these four have consistently stood out in my forty years of holistic medical practice.