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12. About stress

If you have an impending exam, in particular, AD worsens due to stress. As a result, I tell mothers that when their child is studying for highschool or college entrance exams, their AD will get worse, and that it will get better once they get in. It is best not to fret about AD at such an important time. You should take into account that it is getting worse only because it is such an important time. If you think of it that way, your AD might not worsen and you can get past it. What is problematic is to not know why it is getting worse and complain and worry about your skin. This will make conditions worse for sure. All you should do, as a temporary measure, is to take away the itch so you can focus on studying (there is no need to have a love life during exam season and if you get too caught up in this, you will not get the results you could’ve). Although this may sound cold, this is a way to get past this kind of setback. You just need to prepare yourself; it is like September, when you are ready for the hurricanes since you already know they will come. (Hurricanes attack Japan often in September)

Even if you don’t have impending exams, any milestone in people’s lives cause stress. Interpersonal crisis, jobs, relocations, or the death of a loved one can be all factor into stress, and psychological stress is the biggest enemy of AD. Even if you stringently follow dietary suggestions, if you are stressed, your AD will worsen. Also, 70% of pregnant women have their AD symptoms worsened due to the stress from pregnancy. There are also children who experience worsened AD symptoms due to a mere cold or a stomach ache, which both cause stress.

The best way to treat stress is to sleep. Sleep is more powerful than mood-altering drugs. However, if you cannot sleep due to extreme itchiness, feel free to use antihistamines, such as Homoclicin and Polaramine, an hour before you sleep. There are some AD patients with extreme neopharmaphobia, and will reject any kind of modern medicine. If you are like this, it is better to amend your fear and use medicine in times of desperation. However, if you cannot alleviate your stress in any of the ways mentioned above, I recommend you take the stress-easing supplements mentioned above.

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