Therapeutic Prescriptions by Vitaminx & Minerals

21. You can swim!

Many mothers ask whether their child can swim. There is no problem with taking a swim. If your child swam in a pool, however, make your child take a shower so that the chlorine comes off. Also, be safe and avoid going in the ocean; people tend to stay out on the beach for several hours, which often worsens AD symptoms, although I have seen a boy who said as long as he was surfing, he was in great shape. However, if you have scratches on your skin, don’t swim since this could cause infections.

\I’ll also address exercise in this section. Sweating is an extremely beneficial thing, and AD patients should play sports as well. However, the important thing is what to do after you exercise; take a shower at most 15 minutes after you stop. If you exercise at a facility without a shower, wet a towel and wipe your sweat off. A dry towel is not good enough.

Most sports are fine, but avoid doing kendo and skiing. Try to think of the attire you would wear to do kendo or ski; you will undoubtedly sweat in it. This can worsen AD symptoms for many people.

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