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11. Whether or not you need preventive vaccination

Many people ask me this question. AD patients are weaker to viruses than normal people, and thus, should get preventive vaccination, but when people say that they have AD at a healthcare center, they refuse to give patients vaccination. This is because they can cause a shock. Mothers who really want their children to get a preventive vaccination should not mention about her child’s AD to the doctor. However, if you do this, there is always the possibility that your child will, worst-case scenario, die of shock. It is hard to write the truth sometimes; some people may unrightfully blame me in some situations.

If your child absolutely must get a vaccination, it is best that you go to a general hospital that can take care of any situation. However, you should, ideally, tell your doctor that your child has AD and write a statement affirming that you will not sue even if your child went through shock.

However, is there actually a need for your child to get a vaccination? Unless it is something as widespread as B-Encephalitis (Japanese Encephalitis), your child most likely won’t need it. There is also a debate in the US whether DPT vaccines and the like are actually effective. Although an extreme, some researchers say that diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Guillain-Barre syndrome, Lou Gehrig’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and ulcerative colitis are caused by preventive vaccinations taken as a child. Most Japanese firmly believe that children need preventive vaccinations, but there should be some serious debate over whether people actually need them. When I find the time, I would like to carefully research about the necessity of vaccinations. However, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare will probably hate me for this; preventive vaccinations are extremely lucrative from a pharmaceutical company’s standpoint. If people stop taking vaccinations, the ministry, which sends parachutists to those companies, is the one that suffers. I wouldn’t probably survive a day if I researched why people shouldn’t take preventive vaccines.

In addition, influenza vaccines are made from processed viruses taken from embryonised eggs, and thus children who have egg allergies should not get vaccinations.

A final word; I wouldn’t have my children get a preventive vaccination unless influenza was spreading rampantly or they were going to a country that still had cases of yellow fever or polio. This is my opinion. You can decide whether you want your child to get a vaccination yourself.

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