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5. Excess Protein

In addition, Western foods contain large amounts of protein, which also causes damage. Normal proteins break down into polypeptides and then amino acids, which get absorbed in the intestines (protein → polypeptide → amino acid: the amino acids get absorbed). However, when there is too much protein intake, the protein does not get fully decomposed so that there are approximately more than ten thousand molecules left. In that case, if the intestinal membrane is healthy, the mucosa of the small intestine’s epidermal cells will ingest, decompose, and then absorb the polypeptides. Otherwise, it will combine with IgA immune globulin, which is secreted from the epidermal cells, and will be get rid of as a foreign substance.

However, when the patient is ill, an infant, or is under stress (there is a direct connection between the brain and the intestines), the polypeptides can enter through the submucous tissue to the intestinal mucosal cells, and will be unconsumed and remain in the body as junk. When polypeptides gather in the sebaceous gland, it will be discharged from the skin along with oil and cause itchiness of the skin.

The protein taken in from Western foods, aside from Mediterranean and North European foods, which often use fish, is predominantly from animal meat such as beef, pork and lamb. In these foods, there are arachidonic acids, which are more connected to malignant eicosanoids than linoleic acid.

Simply put, the main cause of Atopic Dermatitis, which is starting to spread rapidly over the world, is excessive protein intake from meat that causes an increase in arachidonic acid and excessive intake of linoleic acid, an omega 6 fatty acid. Countries all over the world, in particular several Asian countries, have become increasingly wealthy compared to 50 years ago. With this newly found wealth, we are moving from traditional dishes to Western meals that contain hordes of fat and protein. However, our DNA cannot adjust to this dietary change in just 50 years. Westerners, who originally lived as hunters, have adopted over the many years of eating meat so they can digest animal protein, much more so than the originally agricultural Asians. Therefore when eating the same amount of protein, Asians cannot digest the protein fully and leave more polypeptides, which worsens AD symptoms. As mentioned before, in animal meat there is more arachidonic acid, and compared to Japanese food, which uses more vegetables and fish, there will be much more malignant eicosanoids produced.

In America’s Pima tribe and Micronesian tribes in islands Yap and Kosrae, the native’s traditional lifestyle and diet were disrupted by a sudden entry of Western culture. As a result, they became more susceptible to obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure, and their average life expectancy is going down as well. Also, the Pakistani Hunza village in the upper Indus and the foot of Karakorum mountains, which were famous for having no cases of cancer, are starting to report cases of cancer and diabetes (In late April, 2005, I visited and researched this village for a couple of days. Also in mid- February, 2007, I confirmed this fact at Yap Island).

The other day, I visited a tiny country on the north of the Indonesian Borneo Island called Brunei. It is a beautiful and idyllic Muslim country, where you don’t have to pay for education, medical bills, and taxes since the country produces vast amounts of oil. Public welfare in that country is so good that if a citizen needs advanced medical operations that he or she couldn’t get at Brunei, the government would pay for the medical bills, hospital fees, and even airfare. However, there is a problem that Bruneians are starting to face: obesity. According to a dietician at Brunei Royal Hospital, Bruneians are experiencing the most rapid increase in obesity in the whole world.
Overindulgence of junk food, heavy reliance of cars due to cheap gas, and a stress-free lifestyle due to the relaxed working conditions all contribute to Bruneians becoming increasingly obese.
Epidemiologists call this phenomenon as New World Syndrome. It is easier to think of AD as a subtype of the syndrome, and AD can be treated properly once classified as a subtype instead of a disease caused by pollution or trans-dermal toxins. Dermatologists and pediatricians are completely ignoring this viewpoint; they do not know the importance of examining this disease from a historical and geographical perspective. There seems to be a problem in medical education.

There is an old saying “the body is not split from soil”. Unfortunately, this is no longer in even large dictionaries. This saying means that the body and environment (in this case, the food taken from the soil) is inseparable. To maintain a healthy life people should be eating foods that are within walking distance from them, in other words places that are within a couple dozen towns near them. The meals eaten by the nomads in the Kalahari Desert, the agricultural tribe in the tropics, and the Eskimos in Greenland are all different. A group’s diet should change depending on the climate and their lifestyle, and their unique diet is what makes each group healthy. However, since the unruly expansion of globalization, the distinct diets of each group all became characterized by main dishes heavy with meat and oil and soft drinks filled with corn syrup and white sugar. The result of this was New World Syndrome.

In order to completely cure AD, you should start eating something closer to a traditional Japanese diet that has such foods as miso soup, lots of seafood and many vegetables and avoid eating meat and dairy products. Excessive intake of animal fat and protein will deteriorate AD conditions by around 100%. There are many dieticians who argue that only meat will provide the body with good amino acids, and theoretically speaking, whether it be animal or vegetable protein, breaking it up seems to produce the same amino acids. However, they are only making up theories while they are far away from actual patients and do not see the reality of the situation.

From a clinical standpoint, it is definite that animal fat and protein (from beef, pork, mutton, chicken, and so on) worsen AD. This is the truth, and there is no way around it. I have seen over 40,000 patients, and I can say this with confidence from my experiences.

 In addition, aside from malignant eicosanoids, there are several reasons why people should avoid eating meat.

  • Cows and pigs that we eat are quickly grown, fattened, and shot with several hormones and antibiotics. American beef is notorious for this practice. Cows are injected with 17-β-estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, trenbolone, zeranol, and melengestrol so that they grow quickly and become large and tender.
  • In beef, pork, and lamb, there are high concentrations of dioxins, endocrine-disrupting hormones, and nitrate salts, which are used in pesticides, which have built up do to bioaccumulation.
  • Even in Japan, there have been cases of mad cow disease. There will be more cases in the future, and the disease may also spread to lambs and pigs.

However, vegetarians must be cautious as well. Although vegetables do not have much arachidonic acid, unlike meat, and have more α-linolenic acid, there is a problem in the absolute quantity ofα-linolenic acid, which is low in vegetables. The absolute value of α-linolenic acid of strict vegetarians who do not eat fish are obviously going to be very low, and even if those people try to supplement it with grain foods and beans, they will also get a large amount of linoleic acid. There is a lot of linoleic acid in salad dressing and mayonnaise as well. Therefore, vegetarians who do not eat fish need to take in α-linolenic acid through supplements. I will be explaining about this in the next section.

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