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4. Be careful of acidic water

Objecting to treatments from other places is not what this book is about and is not my favorite thing to do, but I still feel the need to address this issue.

A major method of anti-steroid treatment is using acidic water. It is true that acidic water is good for treating pus-covered infected areas. However, that is the extent of its effects, and there is no more that you can get out of it; it only kills germs. If you continue to use acidic water while not knowing that fact, your skin will surely undergo hypertrophy. The acidic water exerts too much irritation on the skin. There is an extensive amount of patients who come into my clinic since their skin hardened like an elephant’s skin after long-term use of acidic acid. This is an unchangeable fact. Acidic water is very cheap which can appease a person’s hesitation. However, you should be careful when you use it. Although acidic water can be classified into normal acidic water, strong acidic water, and ultra acidic water, they are essentially the same.

There is also a disinfecting liquid called Isodine. It is extremely effective and can kill viruses and bacteria within a minute, and as a result it is good if you wipe an area with seepage with this and quickly wash it off. Do not, however, use it excessively all over your body. This will irritate the skin and cause skin inflammations, which is terrible if you are trying to treat AD. It also kills Staphylococcus epidermidis, a benign bacteria on the skin (don’t mistake Staphylococcus epidermidis, which is benign, for Staphylococcus aureus, which is malignant). In addition Isodine contains iodine and can cause a disorder in the functions of the thyroid gland if you use it too much. Unless you have skin abnormalities that are most likely caused by malignant Staphylococcus aureus it is best that you don’t use it.

5.The effects of electromagnetic rays

There have been no reports of the relation between electromagnetic waves and AD, and even if there were, it would be instantly silenced. If there were to be a report of that sort, it would be more controversial than the mad-cow disease issue. There is no way the public is allowed to know this. You will suffer terrible consequences if you claim that electromagnetic rays are the enemy to AD. However, drawing from my experience, I can definitely say that electromagnetic rays have a harmful effect on AD. Programmers and software engineers, for example, do not heal as well as normal patients. Also, try going to Akihabara (the electronics center in Tokyo) for one time; you will see dozens of people who look like they have AD.

There has been a device, called “Elmaclean”, which goes beyond just pating something on a screen, and eliminates the electromagnetic waves itself. It can be set up for any computer and it can be brought anywhere due to its small size. You can easily find it off the Internet and mail order it. AD patients also tend to get cataract, so avoid looking into a monitor or TV screen over a long time. If you need to because of work, please use Elmaclean. Since I use the computer often, I use it as well. Although people say that electromagnetic waves do not come out of liquid-crystal displayers, this is not true; there is, in fact, electromagnetic waves coming out, so be careful.

6. Do you really need allergen tests?

I do not conduct tests such as RAST and patch tests at my clinic. Even if you do these, your treatment results will most likely not get any better. About 70% of all mothers bring their child’s test results for food allergies. Most of these children get results that implicate that they have food allergies, which leads to them not being able to eat many foods. Many of them also have allergies to dust, pollen, mites, and metals, and are in a condition where they cannot eat or live normally. Although there is a correlation between AD and allergies, there is a difference between having a test show that you have allergies and actually getting allergic symptoms from eating the foods you are allergic to. Most hospitals do this because it is an easy way to profit without putting too much financial strain on patients since health care covers it. However, either way our taxes are being used in this way, so it is best that hospitals limit the number of these tests that they administer.

There are cases where AD appears on AD because of an allergic reaction with foods such as soybeans, wheat, milk, or egg whites. In these cases, since the intestinal tract hasn’t developed enough, the antigent agents retain their antigenicity and get absorbed in the body so that the body makes IgE antibodies in the blood to combat the antigens. When you eat the food that the IgE antibodies fight, an antigen-antibody reaction occurs, and AD appears. However, occur because the intestinal tract is underdeveloped, and aside from soba allergies, these reactions will have disappeared by middle school. There are some children who react severely to egg whites until they are 2 years old, but this is something that eventually fades away, so don’t be too concerned over this. Just tell your child to chew thoroughly when they eat.

An overabundance of food that causes a nearly insatiable hunger, busy lifestyles, and a fear of being left behind have seeped into our culture. The tendency to eat quickly not only produces a harmful effect on allergies, but a wide spectrum of diseases. Please advise your child to chew slowly while they think of the 850 million famished people and appreciate the fact that they can eat delicious food every day. This is a moral and health issue. While Himiko (an ancient queen) was said to have taken 51 minutes and 3990 chews to eat, Japanese in the pre-Pacific War time period took 22 minutes and 1420 chews to eat, and modern Japanese take 11 minutes and 620 chews to eat.

Those who fall into the tactics of Atopy Businessmen and pay unreasonably high prices for “mite-free” blankets and pillars and numerous devices to eliminate mites are quite foolish. That being said, you should use common sense and make your living conditions clean and eliminate anything that may be an allergen, such as undetectable mites. Young single men, in particular, should not live in an unkept environment if they really want to treat AD. After all, you can live in a clean environment without spending any money.

If you read some American naturopathy doctor’s books, you will find doctors that proudly say that once they found the allergens that cased AD and eliminated it from the patient’s diet and surroundings, they were able to cure AD. I’d almost like to say that they are right.

First off, it is virtually impossible to create an allergen-free environment in Japan, where everything is clustered. I am presenting realistic solutions to AD that can be easily adapted into a person’s lifestyle while keeping the expenses affordable. Meals that completely eliminate allergens are extremely expensive and nearly impossible to prepare on a daily basis.

There is a method using onsens (hot springs). There was a patient who treated his AD within 2 years by taking baths containing minerals from various hot springs four to five times a day. Obviously, this person did not live a functional lifestyle during those two years and used four to five million yen overall (around $40,000). If you can do this you can try, but most people cannot afford to do this.

 Relaxing and taking baths for 2 years is effective for living without stress and treating diseases, and thus the minerals in the bath packs probably had little to do with the person recovering. I’ll apologize ahead of time to the AD businessmen for revealing the truth on their unscrupulous but lucrative business!

7. Hyposensitization therapy

This is a treatment where, if you were allergic to cedar pollen, for example, you will dilute the pollen and inject small concentrations of it, eventually increase the concentration, and ultimately make the body used to cedar pollen so that there will be no allergic reaction.

Although this treatment is promising in many cases, it is time-consuming as well. You must get a shot at least once or twice a week for about a year. Although it is fine if you can clearly find the cause of AD whether it be pollen, mites, food, or dust, you could end up doing this treatment for over one or two years without getting actual results because the cause of your AD was misdiagnosed. If you can clearly tell what causes your AD, for example, if you always get AD during springtime when there is an increased amount of cedar pollen, it could be worth a try.

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