Therapeutic Prescriptions by Vitaminx & Minerals

Ointment and various supplement

SET 1Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin B12,
flaxseed oil, α-lipoic acid, Biotin, selenium,
Magnesium, Probiotics
one month supplyUS$ 110
SET 2Vitamin B complex, Vitamin D, shell ginger,
flaxseed oil, enteric-coated lactoferrin,
Kucha soap
one month supplyUS$ 110
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First Month : set 1 → Second Month : set 2 → Third Month : set 1
 → Fourth Month : set 2 → Fifth Month : Set 1 → Sixth Month : Set 2
(In detail, please read Essential Supplements 12-15)
Ointment for Atopic Dermatitis : MA(0) 50g US$ 27
Ointments for Psoriasis: Ointment A 50g US$ 33, Ointment B 50g US$ 33
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