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X. human placenta extract therapy

Injections of human placenta extract are very effective for treating AD. However, this is not available in most dermatology departments. In Japan, health insurance only covers human placenta extract injections for liver diseases, climacteric disorders, or mammary problems, but not AD. Patients will need to pay for it themselves and go to a cosmetic surgery clinic instead. However, many clinics mix the human placenta extract with other vitamins and will administer intravenous injections. When this happens, the human placenta extract will mix with urine and taking this injection will become pointless. You must receive an intramuscular injection for human placenta extract. You can get good results if you receive intramuscular injections from a doctor who really understands the potency of human placenta extracts even if you receive only one ample (2 ml) each week.

These are effective for not only AD, but also for mottled skin, melasma, pimples, keloid scars, and wrinkles. This is because in human placenta extracts, there are lots of FGF (fibroblast growth factor) and EGF (epithelium growth factor). Fibroblasts, in the dermis, will produce collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid to make the skin healthy. Since human placenta extracts increase fibroblasts, the skin can regenerate. The skin can before fresh, soft, smooth, and elastic like a baby.

In addition, human placenta extract inactivates an enzyme, tyrosinase, which is a key player in the conversion of tyrosine to DOPA (3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine). DOPA will change into melanin pigments after several processes. As a result, human placenta extracts will make the skin whiter and clearer. It will repair your skin, which has darkened as a result of several inflammations, back to what it used to look like.

When you receive an intramuscular human placenta extract injection, take a cysteine, glutathione, α-lipoic acid, and Vitamin B2, B6, and C intravenous injection. However, unless you eat right, as set forth before, the effectiveness will halve.

Since health insurance doesn’t cover human placenta extract shots for AD patients, there is no set price, and each clinic sets its own price. It is usually priced at 2000 ( approximately $20 ) to 3000 yen . If a clinic charges up to 5000 yen, they are charging too much, and you should go somewhere else. However, the problem is finding a hospital that would inject human placenta extracts for AD treatment. Not every clinic does this, and university hospitals and large public hospitals do not administer this. These places do not conduct treatments and tests that are not covered by health care unless under special circumstances (this is why it heals poorly!). It is easier if you ask a doctor who you are familiar with. If this doctor does not know much about AD treatment, print out this page and show it to your doctor. You could also search “placenta extract” and “AD” on the internet to find clinics that administer human placenta extract shots. However, as I have mentioned before, if they charge over 5000 yen for a shot, go somewhere else; they are ripping you off, and those are the kind of clinics that often recommend suspicious-sounding “water” and unnecessary health food products. These unscrupulous doctors decrease the real value of human placenta extract.

 If you have severe AD symptoms, do not get placenta extract injections. Do it once your symptoms get better.

 If you are going to get treatment that really works, you need to use things that are not covered by health care, such as placenta extract and my clinic’s MA(0) ointment, as well. Also, under the current medical system, the paper work for mixed medical care, with part of it being covered by health insurance and the other not being covered, gets complicated. As a result, my clinic is a private practice and does not accept health insurance coverage. Thus, it is comparatively high in price. The first exam and ones after that are all 3000 yen. Ointments are 2500 to 4000 yen for 50 grams. Aside from that you can buy supplements such as flax seed oil, vitamins, and minerals or medical products such as anti-histamines and antibiotics. There will be a 5% tax on your total as well. This varies depending on your symptoms, but if you have middling symptoms, you would get a diagnosis, 3 ointments, and a month worth of flax seed oil and vitamins, which will all amount to 20,000 yen. Placenta extract injections will also cost you 2100 yen. I avoid 5 minute examinations and take at least 30 minutes to really hear your concerns, and thus, examinations are scheduled by reservations only. You can view this as either expensive or cheap, but I personally don’t enjoy an elegant lifestyle, so I’m assuming it’s cheap! Every patient has been satisfied with his or her results.

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