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13. Environmental measure 1…go overseas

Your surroundings are also an important factor in how AD develops. The bad thing is, you cannot freely choose this; even if you want to live in an environmentally clean place, most times you are unable to due to your school, job, or child’s school.

However, young people who have the freedom of relocating should seriously consider places of employment based on its location. You can even go overseas. As far as I can tell, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, and Egypt are good places for AD patients to live in. There are many AD patients who live in those countries and realize that once they come back to Tokyo, their AD symptoms reappear. Europe and Russia are similar to Japan. Some patients have even claimed their AD got worse when they went to Vietnam and Myanmar (Burma). Therefore, I tell young patients (usually students) to go overseas for a year or two, not just to treat AD, but also to learn a new language. We live in an age of internationalization; it’s a shame if you ended up staying in a small country with AD your whole life.

However, this relocation treatment can be like a bet. If all goes well, people recover significantly (some even get completely cured of AD), but on the other hand, people could experience worsening symptoms. In order to improve your odds you should travel around the world and find the country most suitable to your body and live there. It is now cheaper to travel overseas than to travel domestically.

Many AD patients, especially the young ones, are too focused on their condition and cannot thing about anything other than AD. Although this may be understandable, people should also keep in mind that life is full of boundless possibilities. There are still some patients who say that they don’t’ have enough money to travel, but there are groups that aid young adults who are traveling and there is a working holiday system in Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. There are even some traveling aid groups aimed at senior citizens. The only thing you need is a strong will.

You must also purge those thoughts of moving overseas after your skin condition gets better. If you think this way, you are never going to get out. You are going overseas to treat your condition.

14. Environmental measure 2…rent a house to be safe

Your most immediate environment is your house. It can even be said that is it like your second skin. Therefore, those who are trying to buy a new residence or have a family member with AD should be careful. No matter how good the neighbor seems, you will not know whether your AD symptoms will get better until you actually live there. There are many paints and preservative treatments used on building materials. At new houses, in particular, these paints and preservatives can exert a big effect. Also, even if you own surroundings is ideallic, your never know what kind of person your neighbor may be. You could be living next to a mob’s office for all you know; you don’t need to spend loads of cash on a house that will only bring you stress. If you rent a place and realize that the environment is not suitable for you, you can easily move out, unlike your own purchased house. By doing this, you only lose two months worth of rent and moving fees.

15. Choose your occupation wisely

There is something I must say to young AD patients; be careful when you choose your job.

Try avoiding becoming a beautician, cook, nurse, masseuse, or a nursery kindergarten teacher. These occupations all involve using water. Nursery kindergarten teachers also have to use water when they change a baby’s diapers. If you have AD, then your hands will be affected by this. There are many unfortunate cases where people’s AD cured when they were around 15, but 7 or 8 years later, when they forgot about AD, they start to get terrible rashes over their hands. There is no way to cure this other than to quit your job.

If you are trying to pursue one of these jobs, you must get a license, which takes at least 3 years to get for each of them. Although it is not guaranteed that your hands will develop AD, remember that there is a big chance. It is best that you avoid that risk to begin with. Also, clothes cleaning shops are hot, and the sweat also makes AD symptoms worse. Veterinarians or trimmers also have to deal with pets, which are basically balls of allergies. Mechanics and car repairers also unknowingly suck in evaporated heavy oils. Working at a gas station is bad in this sense as well. You will also inhale emission gasses if you work as a truck driver. Also, surprisingly, stewardesses and pilots, especially those who fly international flights, have a hard time adjusting their internal clock to the time differences, which makes AD worse. Although it seems like a luxurious and idealistic job, it is actually quite brutal. Traveling overseas frequently may sound good, but going several times a month for work is extremely tough. I fly once a month for research or to go on “healing tours” with patients, but even that has become tiresome. You should travel unfrequently but extravagantly and fly first class, or at least business class.

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