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24. Drinking and smoking

Right now, the old but new pathology, inflammation, is being seriously researched in modern medicine. For example, the degree of rise of angina pectoris and myocordial infarction, which are caused by arteriosclerosis, does not depend so much on cholesterol and triglyceride levels, but rather on substances that can project the body’s degree of inflamation and accurately predict diseases in the blood vessels and heart such as CRP, a protein, and LA-LP2. If you take into account that 50% of myocardial infarction patients have normal cholesterol and triglyceride levels, this is a logical conclusion (In addition, be cautious of doctors who only focus on cholesterol and triglyceride levels and immediately prescribe anti hyperlipidemia medicine. It is especially dangerous for seniors to excessively lower cholesterol). Even cancers can be easily formed if there is a hidden inveterate inflammation. Inflammations are deeply rooted in allergic diseases. In fact, Atopic Dermatitis is basically an inflammation, so to treat AD it is better to cure the inflammation rather than find the allergen that causes the allergic reaction.

Take a minute to think. In our environment there are millions of substances. There are an enormous number of different kinds of foods as well. To find the one substance that causes the allergic reaction is virtually impossible. If the allergic reaction is immediate, it is easy to find what caused it. However, if the allergic reaction happens 1 or even 2 weeks after ingestion or contact, it is extremely hard to determine what caused it. Therefore, wouldn’t it be more practical to prevent the inflammation?

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