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Detoxification Phlebotomy/Travel and detoxing the spirit

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4. Phlebotomy(Blood-letting)

You may have heard about phlebotomy before. Western medicine does not cover phleotomy, but this is a condition when the blood is thick, turbid, and does not flow smoothly. However, since it sounded so nonmedical, I did not take this condition seriously. As William Harvey wrote in his blood circulation theory, blood is supposed to be constantly flowing and not clotted.

However, I recently had a phlebotomy test and realized that, indeed, my own blood showed what turbid blood was like; thick, dark purple, and discernibly grimy. I couldn’t believe how my blood actually looked like that. It looks completely different from the blood used in blood tests.

A hospital director at a Korean doctor in Busan, who graduated from Kyung Hee Medical School with stellar grades and has a 30-year career, attested to the fact that phlebotomy can quickly and effectively take out large quantities of toxins in your body compared to other methods. It is even more effective than chelate treatment, a method that is starting to garner attention from doctors who practice alternative therapy. It’s a practice that’s been virtually forgotten, even though it was widely practiced in ancient times. It can be tough on the body for about a week, but after 10 days or so, the strain on your eyes and head lightens, and your physical condition will become much better.

Japanese acupuncturists and seitai (properly aligning the body) practitioners used to perform phlebotomies as a traditional treatment method, but now it has been ruled that only doctors can perform this. However, in Japan, only a small group of doctors know even the effects of phlebotomy. Doctors who practice only Western medicine can only treat patients with medicine with many side effects. As a result, phlebotomy has been completely forgotten. Recently, phlebotomy has been used on hepatitis patients. However, many doctors still don’t know how phlebotomy can prevent hepatitis from developing into cirrhosis and even deteriorate to liver cancer.

Korean doctors, on the other hand, actively practice phlebotomy. In Korea, there are doctors who practice traditional Korean medicine and doctors who practice Western medicine. This characteristic can be applied to medical school as well. Each school requires 6 years of education, and each provides the same social status. It is the patient’s choice to choose which kind of treatment he or she is going to get, but recently, more Koreans are choosing doctors that practice Korean medicine.


This is especially effective to alleviate the sudden worsening of symptoms, or rebound, when you stop using steroidal ointments.

If I were to write about the effects of phlebotomy, I would end up writing an extensive book. It is probably one of the first treatments practiced by humans. Thousands of years ago, the Chinese used bronze cups and the Greeks and Muslims put a cow’s horn on a person’s back and take out the blood. However, they weren’t so knowledgeable on bacterial infections, and as a result of using contaminated instruments, there were some cases where patients caught infectious diseases. Phlebotomy died out in Europe after the 18th century for this reason. However, if you are careful on that aspect and alter the amount of blood take out based on physical strength, phlebotomy is an extremely effective detoxification method.

5. Travel and detoxing the spirit

Detox of the mind may sound weird, but in reality, this is the undoubtedly the most important aspect of AD treatment. If you investigate the causes of AD or any other disease, you will always conclude with a person’s psyche. Everybody feels hate, fear, remorse, jealousy, humiliation, sadness, and isolation, but when these feelings become too intense, it will have a detrimental effect on the brain’s hypothalamus.

The hypothalamus is deep within the brain in an area called the diencephalon, and despite only weighing 4 grams, it has extremely important functions. It is the nerve center of the autonomic nervous sytem and the upper center of the endocrine system.

The upper center of the endocrine system is the main controller, and, for example, when corticotropic releasing factor (CRF) is released from the hypothalamus, it aids the production of adrenocorticotropic hormones (ACTH) in the hypophysis ( = pituitary gland), which aids the adrenal cortex secrete steroid hormones. In other words, there are chains of reactions like “hypothalamus → pituitary gland → adrenal cortex”, “hypothalamus → pituitary gland → ovary”, “hypothalamus → pituitary gland →mammary gland”, or “hypothalamus → pituitary gland → thyroid”. The hypothalamus exerts control over extremely important hormones. AD patients must understand that steroids, which many AD patients immediately identify with AD, are controlled by the hypothalamus, and that the hypothalamus is easily affected by emotions. Put simply, the secretion of steroid hormones is affected by emotions. This is why it is so important to purge your negative thoughts.

Once you ponder over what you could do cleanse your negative thoughts, you can think of many techniques, including joining a high-end religion. However, one method that anyone can do and has definite results is a vacation. A trip can easily help you release your bottled up stress. There are many cases where AD symptoms disappeared when people went on trips but developed them again once they came back.

It can be a two-night trip. If you routinely do this, your pent-up negative thoughts will be released. If you can, go overseas; going to a place with a different culture, such as nearby Korea of Taiwan, will surprise you, and that surprise will cleanse your mind like a fresh cup of water washes away mucky water. My clinic organizes a 3 to 4 day trip to Korean clinic in Busan once every month or two so patients can cleanse their mind and body (through phlebotomy). If you are interested, please contact my clinic.


I have mentioned 5 methods of detoxification above, but try to implement mini-fasts, saunas, and vacations into your lifestyle as much as you can.

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